Who We Are

"What kind of church is Wellspring?"  We are people humbled by grace but emboldened with confidence in the gospel.  This impacts our worship by creating an environment of honesty, enthusiasm, and a desire to hear God speak through His Word.  We warmly embrace the creeds of apostolic and historic Christianity, along with the Westminster Standards and other Reformed confessions. We gladly sing new songs of praise, as well as the established hymns of the church in their original and in new musical settings.

We value our families and we value one another as individuals.  We value sincere (and sometimes hard) questions of the Christian faith and we value honest answers that satisfy our minds and souls.  Our culture at Wellspring thrives on a daily recognition that the way into the Christian life is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the way forward in the Christian life is the same gospel.

What Are Sunday Mornings Like At Wellspring? 

On a Sunday morning you and your family can expect the following: 

  • Expect to be warmly greeted at the main entrance.  Our greeters will welcome you and give you and each member of your family a worship folder.  Our greeters are ready to assist you with a baby stroller or with any other help that is needed.

  • Expect to see some folks dressed casually, although some will be wearing traditional church attire.  You should feel totally comfortable in either.

  • Expect a variety of ages, singles, young married, families with children of various ages, and more mature families.

  • Expect a flurry of friendly mingling activity when you come in.  We are glad to see one another and will be glad to see you!

  • Expect a clean, well-stocked and inviting nursery (birth - 3 years).

  • Expect a combination of classic hymns, psalms, and new music.  Expect to hear a variety of instruments including stringed instruments, piano, bass, and percussion.  Learn more about worship and music at Wellspring.

  • Expect worship to conclude around 11:15 AM (we begin at 10 AM).

  • Expect a time of lingering longer after the service.  This is one of the things routinely highlighted as a strength of our church.  

  • Expect to be invited to one of our small groups that meet on various evenings during the week.

  • Expect the Lord to give us all a sense of His gracious presence with us when we worship Him in spirit and in truth!