"Wellspring Presbyterian Church lives to glorify God by experiencing and sharing the transforming power, love, and joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our homes, communities, and to the ends of the world."

Using the acronym "W.E.L.LS." we strive to carry out our vision by being a:

WORSHIPPING community focused on both the transcendence and immanence of God with a blend of traditional and contemporary music, liturgy (order of worship).  God's holiness is very important and significant in our worship. We have a great sense of anticipation and celebration of God's presence when we gather.

EVANGELIZING community that brings the Gospel of Jesus into our network of family, friends, acquaintances and the larger community.  In terms of style, we think that the Gospel is most likely to make a personal, deep and lasting impact on a person when it is communicated in the context of a caring relationship.  We deeply value our relationships.

LOVING community that seeks to build one another up in our walk as followers of Jesus through one-on-one interaction, small groups, and church-wide events and retreats.

LEARNING community where there is an emphasis of life application of truth and doctrine and where we seek to understand our culture and how to live in it, maintaining a Christian world view while interacting with the non-Christian mindset.  We encourage learning in a variety of contexts, including individual, family, and group study.  To facilitate study we have an expanding library of books, CDs, videos and DVDs appropriate for all ages that are available to check out.

SERVING community that shows the love of Christ in thoughtful, sacrificial and practical ways to our friends and neighbors.

"Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you." - Mark 5:19