Why Sunday School?

Sunday School is a place of nurture; a place where children and adults are taught that God loves them more than they can ever imagine and that Christ is always with them. It's a place where relationships grow, positive friendships develop, and an understanding of how all scripture points to Christ deepens while learning God’s Word together. Our Sunday School teachers are dedicated, caring, and committed Christians. They consistently pray for the children’s faith to grow. Please consider joining us for Sunday School!

What should my kids do during Sunday School at 9 AM?

Sunday School classes are for all ages! Park in visitor parking and follow signs for the Nursery, which will lead you to the entrance for Wellspring Kids.

At 9:45, parents can pick up their child from their class or children can walk with their class and teacher to the church building. Babies and toddlers can stay in the nursery and be picked up at the end of the worship service.

Sunday School Jubilee - All children ages 4K - 6th grade will meet together the final Sunday of each month at 9 AM in the church house basement (use the door labeled Church Office).